Who We Are

Capstone International

(CAPSINT) a private sector firm based in KUWAIT, incorporated in the year 2010 in collaboration with Al-Shayji Integrated Group.

Who we are

In our world people fall into one of two groups People you want to talk to and people you don’t.

And what’s more, you shouldn’t waste time or money on the latter. That’s pretty much our business model in a nutshell. So, how can that help you? Read on and you’ll see.

Our Philosophy & Vision

Our Vision and purpose is to create a long term value and enrich the lives of the people who we work with. Our partners share our growth and success. When you partner with us, you are like family.

A company with diverse business interest which is led by a group of young , experienced , creative and dynamic professionals from various fields and sectors that aim to cater to the growing demands of clients in Kuwait and overseas. With its dedicated service, professional approach and innovative marketing strategies, the company has grown to a level where it stands as one of the most reputed companies in Kuwait. There is a whole team dedicated to one goal, your success

How We Work

The process

  • We Listen

  • We Analyze

  • We Think

  • We Create

  • We Deliver

  • We Launch

Our Trusted Clients

What we do best?


Interior Design & Implementation


Interactive HTML5


3D Animation


Motion Graphics / Info Graphics




Augmented Social Media Marketing


Augmented Reality


Booth Design & Production

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